Hollow Hill Designs

Hollow Hill Designs- Booth #545

Artisan Product Description
We are a family run business that strives to give you a great, long lasting, quality product at a low price. Everything is designed, cut, and bent by hand. We have a huge product list to choose from, including all major holidays and LOTS of year round items, and if we don't have what you are looking for we will design it for you!

Is your product handmade by you?
100% hand made by Lucas Remley!
Our products are 100% made in America. Every piece is cut & welded solely by Lucas' hands. We do not use any computers or CNC machine. We also "blue" the items to give them a beautiful 2nd color aside from the standard grey steel. Lucas pays attention to every detail, of every piece, and makes them to last.
Most of the product that we sell at the shows is made from new sheet steel, however Lucas has made several sculptures using old farm equipment, screw drivers, & garden tools just to name a few. We also use old brake rotors and disc blades as our bases for the sculptures.

SentimentsSentiments by Natural Elements Design - Booth #535

Artisan Product Description
Angel themed jewelry and accessories that are accompanied with an original poem of the purchasers choosing.

Is your product handmade by you?
I use Swarovski, Austrian crystal and Czech fire glazed glass. Metal components include ,925 and gold filled findings.