Bauble and Seed - Booth 801

All natural, hand made jewelry and hand made Alpaca outerwear
Jewelry made from all natural materials like seeds, beans, berries, coconut, bull horn, orange peel, and real fruit.This jewelry is not only beautiful, but it is very light and easy to wear. Also, hand made Alpaca mittens, gloves, hats, scarves, socks, and ponchos. Super soft and warm!

Sweet & Saucy

Sweet & Saucy - Booth 944

Gourmet Caramel, chocolate and mustard sauces
All natural, highest quality ingredients and all delicious!

PJB Designs

PJB Designs - Booth 810

Copper Wire Wrapped Australian Boulder Opal
Copper wire has been intricately woven showcasing this magnificent Australian Boulder Opal accentuated with a piece of Tigers Eye on the bail. Lapidary work by Ken Griffin.

Beza Threads

Beza Threads - Booth TBD

Ethiopian Scarves; Ethiopian Leather Products
Our scarves were handwoven from a blend of cotton and polyester fabric, taking as many as eight hours to complete. Available in a variety of colors and patterns, each scarf is as unique as the individual who created it. Our leather products, including clutches, totes, and messenger bags, were handcrafted from premium, Ethiopian cow hide. Embedded with our signature scarf pattern or logo, these bags are fashionable and practical.

Mattie Jules

Mattie Jules - Booth 905

Wire-wrap Jewelry
Julie Lushbough ~ Mattie Jules Creative Ring Art and Jewelry Julie designs unique custom jewelry with modern and vintage buttons using a wire-wrap technique. She also makes unique wire-wrap bracelets and flat wire pendants that make great gifts. Her Keep Calm collection of pendants and glass dome sports pendants are a sure bet to support your favorite team. Julie also creates home / backyard decor wire crosses.

Maiden Midwest

Maiden Midwest - Booth 814

Scented Candle Lamps
These one-of-a-kind lamps are hand-made by yours truly. I stain and decorate the base. I also make my own silicone molds. These lamps heat up from the light bulb, and release the scent throughout the room, while putting off a soft glow.

Maiden Midwest

Maiden Midwest - Booth 814

Stained glass lamps with wax melter dish
Absolutely breathtaking, stained glass lamps. Base and lamp are both made individually. I cut, foil, and solder the lamp, then I make the base, and attach. Finally, I melt, or fuse, the dish for the top. Due to the nature of stained glass, no two are alike.

Free Spirit

Free Spirit NY - Booth 1030

Jewelry - Necklaces, Bracelets, Rings, Earrings
It is hand made by me as are all of the jewelry products which I sell.

Damsel In Defense - Booth TBD

Women's and kids self defense products
Stun guns, pepper spray, conceal carry purses, RFID wallets, kubatons, travel safety tools, kids alarms, kids books.


Winged Goddess Studio - Booth TBD

Handmade Jewelry
Winged Goddess Studio's jewelry is an eclectic mix of handmade, vintage, found items, texture with leather, metal, paper and hand painted designs. There is something for everyone.