Hollow Hill Designs

Hollow Hill Designs- Booth #545

Artisan Product Description
We are a family run business that strives to give you a great, long lasting, quality product at a low price. Everything is designed, cut, and bent by hand. We have a huge product list to choose from, including all major holidays and LOTS of year round items, and if we don't have what you are looking for we will design it for you!

Is your product handmade by you?
100% hand made by Lucas Remley!
Our products are 100% made in America. Every piece is cut & welded solely by Lucas' hands. We do not use any computers or CNC machine. We also "blue" the items to give them a beautiful 2nd color aside from the standard grey steel. Lucas pays attention to every detail, of every piece, and makes them to last.
Most of the product that we sell at the shows is made from new sheet steel, however Lucas has made several sculptures using old farm equipment, screw drivers, & garden tools just to name a few. We also use old brake rotors and disc blades as our bases for the sculptures.

SentimentsSentiments by Natural Elements Design - Booth #535

Artisan Product Description
Angel themed jewelry and accessories that are accompanied with an original poem of the purchasers choosing.

Is your product handmade by you?
I use Swarovski, Austrian crystal and Czech fire glazed glass. Metal components include ,925 and gold filled findings. 

PerennityPerennity by Andrea Fox- Booth #640

Artisan Product Description
Perennity is a collection of sustainable home décor and fashion accessories. Each piece is crafted from washable paper fabric by hand with an obsessive attention to detail. All made with love, right here in Des Moines, Iowa. 

Is your product handmade by you?
Andrea personally designs and handmakes all Perennity products in Des Moines, Iowa. 
All Perennity products are made from a washable paper fabric. The material is a sustainable, plant-based fiber made similarly to paper with a small amount of latex added. This results in a material that washes and sees like fabric, but has the durability and texture of leather. The most popular colors in our collection have been dyed by hand using only natural, plant ingredients. This means no chemicals for you and no pollution for our planet. And we think that’s pretty great. 


Dakota DesignsDakota Designs- Booth #642

Artisan Product Description
A collection of handmade pieces, necklaces and bracelets made of sterling silver and turquoise. The jewelry pieces are a unique combination of turquoise and sterling silver and one of a beads. Each piece individually created. 

Is Your Product handmade by you?
Each jewelry piece is handmade by myself. The materials I incorporate into my pieces are selected by myself many of which originate from an Indian Reservation in New Mexico. The beads are selected from a small specialty store in Durango Colorado.

Fontenelle Supply Co.- Booth #533

Artisan Product Description
We're a team of leatherworkers that have been in the business since 2012. We manufacture accessories for men, women, and pets, and can accommodate custom requests. 
Is your product handmade by you?
Each leather product we sell is designed, cut, and sewn by us and our hands. We use traditional leather working methods that stand the test of time. From hand stitching to burnished edges, our products get better with age and will perform for generations. 

We use premium leather tanned in the US.

Heirlooms Made ModernHeirlooms Made Modern- Booth #543

Artisan Product Description
I have a passion for vintage jewelry. These gorgeous little art pieces have stood the test of time and will continue to last. But your Grandma, Aunt, Mom, etc. - are rolling in their graves wanting you to get those things out of your drawers and use them! I create home displays or modernize the piece into something you would wear today. The difference in my work is that I always retain the original piece and it’s functionality. The result is multi-functional piece. For example, a beautiful wall hanging for your home; with a removable brooch that can still be worn on special occasions. Or a bracelet with a brooch that can be removed and worn separately, too! I do custom orders, too, so bring your pieces and we can talk about what you would like to do with them!

Is your product handmade by you?
Yes and no. The vintage jewelry is acquired, thoroughly cleaned and tightened or glued as needed. The vast majority of these items are so solidly made that a cleaning is all they need. The handmade items are items that I make. My talented sister, Denise, does all of the artwork. 
In all of my work, I maintain the original functionality of the jewelry. I want you to be able to remove the item and wear it on special occasions, or have it to pass on to your family members, in whatever way they choose to best enjoy it. This isn’t my day job; luckily, I love my day job. But this is my joy-filled hobby and my stress reliever. It means so much to me when people fall in love with a piece and especially when they are able to bring their family heirlooms back to life. I sincerely appreciate the opportunity to work together with you.
Some of my items are what I call R2 (repurposed squared). The vintage jewelry is being repurposed, but I’ve also used a re-purposed item to create the new piece. For example, vintage leather belt, vintage crocheted pot holder, or even re-purposed home décor.