All Of Us

Booth: 515
15958 Hwy 65
Sondheimer, LA 71276

We are a family owned company specializing in various gourmet food mixes from the heart of the Louisiana Delta. Our delicious soups, dips, cheese balls, muffins and breads represent a three decades long tradition of good, quick and easy home-cooked meals fit to feed a family and now our family recipes can come to you. We began with three soups and five dips but over the years we have expanded far beyond that including seventeen soups, seventeen breads and cobblers, eighteen dips as well as thirteen cheese balls. With such variety we have something for anyone!

Come by the All Of Us Soup booth and try a sample of Cheesy Chicken Enchilada Soup or a bite of River Road Chili then chase it with a Southern Pecan Pie Muffin or a spoon full of Peach Cobbler and soon enough they'll be on your dinner table to. We can guarantee two things: you will leave the dinner table with a full belly and a big smile! You won't be able to help yourself!